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Welcome to the Wiki for This is My Milwaukee!


Keep track of what's going on in the ARG This is My Milwaukee.


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  • According to several phone conversations with Joey and Mike Russo:
    • Several states and specific U.S. cities are no longer inhabitable, including:
      • Austin, TX
      • Florida
      • Pittsburgh (PA or IL, unconfirmed which)
        • Joey and Mike act shocked when callers say that they are from these areas, saying "There's people there!?"
    • Everything west of the Rocky Mountains is "okay", but areas south of the Rockys should be avoided
    • Milwaukee is not the only city Black Star is rebuilding. Several have been mentioned:
      • Grand Rapids, MI (confirmed)
      • Salt Lake City (unconfirmed)
      • Witchita, Kansas (Confirmed?)




Some time ago, Black Star Global Corporation opened a branch in Milwaukee, WI, promising jobs. Black Star appears to have some influence over the local government, as "their money fixed roads and opened hospitals" (Video 1, 7:54)


Black Star's most notable project was “Go.d.s.e.e.d.” (pronounced “God-seed). At the start of the project, Black Star announced that “we needed a new god”. However, the project had negative consequences on the surrounding natural environment. (Video 1, 7:55)


For an unknown reason, the project was haulted, and Milwaukee was destroyed “to save it”. (Video 1, 8:23)


The Go.d.s.e.e.d. was buried beneath the Canning District in a sarcophagus. (8:27) Included in the burial were “an emerald casket, a golden map, and an ancient weapon” (8:40)


While the Go.d.s.e.e.d. is buried, "Go.d.s.e.e.d. fragments" still infest the city, attacking its citizens. Citizens (particularly teenagers) are instructed to travel in groups of three, carry flare guns and “rebreathers”, and to stay out of Sector 21. Flare guns appear to kill Go.d.s.e.e.d. fragments, and “rebreathers” act as a defensive barrier against attacks. (Video 1, 6:04).


Following the Go.d.s.e.e.d. incident, many residents of Milwaukee fled. Because of this, Black Star Corporation, with the assistance of the Milwaukee Tourism Commission and a Champion Dynasty Grant produced a tourism video, “This Is My Milwaukee” to encourage people to move to the city.


In the video, former residents are offered 5,000 “Dark Dollars” and 2 years of Black Star housing (Video 1, 7:25).



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