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Mike: Mike Russo, Milwaukee tourism committee.

Me: Hey Mike, sorry to bother you. I was wondering where I could find a list of all the level K or higher buildings in the canning district.

Mike: Hmm, the canning district?

Me: Yeah, is that anywhere online, maybe, where I can look that up?

Mike: Let me shoot it to you in an email. What's your email?

Me: (I tell him)

Mike: OK, I'll pass this along to my supervisor. Anything else I can help you with?

Me: Hmm, um, yeah...what's the current Godseed status?

Mike: Oh, well, the Godseed...the Godseed is currently fragmentary. There have been a few attacks on the perimeter, but the Godseed is nothing we're too concerned about at the moment. We have a lot of good buildings out there.

Me: OK, cool. Thanks Mike.



I just told him i was being pursued by a godseed fragment in the canning district and he flipped out and screamed:


"A GODSEED FRAGMENT! IN THE CANNING DISTRICT! I hope you at least have a rebreather and flare gun, and are traveling in at least a group of three. Just remember that the godseed fragment is just as scared of you as you are of it, (probably less)."



HAHAHA! I talked to Mike and he's cool as hell!

Apparently there is a program in place that will provide you with the requisite flare gun and re-breather BEFORE you move to Milwaukee. He advised me to tell all my friends and also any relative that I am not "estranged with" about it.

I asked about "danger". He assured me that the Godseed is buried in a container made from the finest jewels and that there's nothing to worry about. But there are some fragments here and there. You get like 2000 Blackstar dollars and he assured me that you can indeed spend those outside of Milwaukee.

Took my email. Looking forward to it. I want this guy's job.



I'm talking to Mike now, I told him that I broke my rebreather while changing the M-Rotor and Mike got very upset. He told me not to touch the rotor and to get my flare gun and leave right away. I asked what the risks were of touching the M-rotor and he said "physical disembodiment is a good way to put it..."

I then asked him how to get a new rebreather and he said "don't worry, rebreathers are a dime a dozen these days, a new spinal column is not." He asked for my email so he could send me some supplemental material a coupon for a complimentary rebreather from Blackstar.



Me: So what do you guys do there?

Todd: We were founded by Larose Burton to help revitalize the flagging Milwaukee economy.

Me: What do you spend you money on?

Todd: Oh, cultural outreach, scholarships, community events and the like.

Me: Sure.

Todd: And also, of course, spending money on Rupture Defense systems to beat back the insidious Go.D.S.E.E.D. fragment menace. But what else is new, right? (laughs)



There is video on this site of a call to Mike Russo...rather long that was cut off due to Mike in the middle of Laundry. Some excerpted info however:


  • FeBrizzio is a family chain in Milwaukee, working with BlackStar and Jagoda in helping rebuild the city.  Had some bad history with BlackStar in the past.
  • Mike used to work at BlackStar and they were "not the best years of my life"
  • It's been a decade or so since whatever happened...happened
  • The rebreathers aren't as important as the video makes them out be (sounds like something used in order to not panic potential residents)
  • Any skillsets are needed but the biggest hires are for people who have advanced sciences degrees

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