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The Horseless Horseman:


I spoke with someone, I couldn’t catch his name, my phone was a little fuzzy. I told him I was interested in moving to Milwaukee, but I wanted some details first. I asked if there were any districts that he could recommend, and he said he was just the middleman, a paper pusher, and Mike Russo would be the man to talk to. I then asked if there were any jobs in the area, told him I had heard about a company called Black Star, and wanted to know if he knew anything about open positions with the company. He responded by saying, “Check their webpage”. When I asked for a site address he said, “I really don’t know, I try to stay away from Black Star. (Hushed tone) Far away from Black Star." He then gave me Mike’s #, and told me not to call him during the day. Apparently Mike hates being called during the day.

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