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Worker is a recurring character in "This is my Milwaukee". 





Worker's role is unknown at this time. He appears to be an employee of Black Star.




  • Video 1
    • :01- Seen standing in the background, holding a basketball
    • 1:22- Seen planting a Fennel bulb in the ground.
    • 2:32- Featured throughout the Jobs segment
    • 4:05- Bartending in the Canning District
    • 4:35- Possibly seen stepping on a lemon slice.
    • 6:07- Seen skateboarding down the road
    • 6:10- Holds a television set while instructions for traveling safetly are explained.


  • Video 2
    • Video 2 features Worker walking down the street with a briefcase that has the Fennel bulb coloring page on the side of it.
    • :23- the Basketball Player raises a Fennel bulb in front of him, he has a shocked expression, and his glasses shatter.




  • Worker is possibly employed by Black Star
    • He is featured throughout the Jobs segment in Video 1 (2:32)
    • He is present and remains unphased by a man being thrown to the Go.d.s.e.e.d. during the Teens segement in Video 1 (6:10)
  • He behaves in an awkward, robotic manner
  • He has a bizarre reaction to a Fennel bulb in Video 2 (:23)

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